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    1) Polyester
    The fabric is made of the lightweight manufactured fibers , cool, shrink resistance, mildew resistance, quick drying , and available of wide range of colors. Polyester is strong resistance to stretching, abrasion , is crisp when wet or dry. Retains heat-set pleats and creases is more wrinkle resistance. It is easily washed in ordinary washer and dryers. The color more stable all the time.

    2) Silk
    Silk is a natural filament fiber produced by the silkworm in cocoon. Silk is mostly collected from cultivated worms, it is a thicker, shorter fiber produced by worms in their natural habitat. Primarily found in Asia there are several types of silk like tussah silk and wild silk etc.

    3) Velvet
    Velvet which is another type of popular fabric is basically a warp pile cloth in which rows of short cut pile stand so close together as to form an even, uniform surface. Velvet is appealing in look and with soft. Different fibers including silk is used in making of velvet.

    4) Viscose
    Since its invention, viscose is widely used for coating fabric. Its development with the passage of time has led to viscose being spun into thread for embroidery and trimmings. As the further development take place, viscose had entirely replaced the old wool and cotton and its being widely used for uniform and robe.

    5) Satin
    Satin fabric is also said to be the most elegant fabrics. The reason behind is its astonishing looks and smooth surface. Satin fabric is used in loads of apparels and many others things. Especially for women, satin fabric is used in variety of apparels like blouse, panties, gowns, and many more clothing. Also, satin fabric is used for bed sheets, curtains and many other decorative purposes. The glossiness of the satin fabric really makes the material high class. Satin fabric is generally composed of silk or rayon and that is why it is so smooth. Also, satin fabrics are availed in various weights and normally are very light. Also, satin are very delicate and are manufactured with a great deal of care and attention. Satin fabrics needs a fine set up of manufacturing and processing unit as each and every strand of the satin fabric must be well knitted. Satin fabric?s huge demand amidst the masses is not a new thing as has been the most demanded fabric since a long time. In the present too, with the innovative designer apparels, satin fabric usability range has expanded like never before.

    6) Cotton
    Cotton is probably one of the most common fabrics you're likely to have in uniform . Cotton is a natural fiber and is used in a wide variety of clothing . Cotton is easily washed and/or dry cleaned. Cotton is a good strong fabric that is absorbent, and easy to work with. Cotton has a tendency to wrinkle very easily, so cotton/polyester blends began to be popular. Many people prefer the year-round "breathing" and lack of pilling of one hundred percent cotton